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Providing the best services for customers is our goal.

Products & Services

The range of products that we cover begin with bed & headboards and wardrobe cladding. Products for personal as well as professional spaces include seating of all kinds, dressers & chests, wall panelling and unit panelling.

We partner with architects as well as end users. We respect their dream, understand their need, interact with them to translate it into living experiences. Whatever you fancy, we give your desire its shape and form. Our services include:


You are fascinated by a thought of having an antique bed with elaborate leather boards and bedsides. We visualise your space and share our expertise to convert the idea into an exclusive design, and give it a practical approach to crafting it into a masterpiece.


Imagine, you witness a bench in an international magazine at the airport. Instinctively you know the piece of art is perfect for your living room. Our expertise in understanding the intricacies of the design and highly skilled craftsmen will facsimile the product for you.


Any furniture design that you want with a variation in design, size, colour and/or value, can be specially personalised to suit your mood.


Uplift your spirit by designing a fresh look for your existing furniture, refurbish, add life to your space.


Our expertise in sourcing genuine leather, and creative finesse enables us to offer a variety of products in leather. Apart from furniture, it includes bags, shoes, belts, house d├ęcor, etc. Go wild with your imagination and come to Purple 9 for fashioning it.